AbilityMaine web site features investigative articles and interviews on controversial issues

Since 2000, the AbilityMaine web site (www.abilitymaine.org) has featured resource information and articles on issues of concern to people with disabilities in Maine and beyond. In 2003 AbilityMaine added Breath & Shadow, a literary magazine by and for people with disabilities, with writers from Maine, New England, the United States, and around the world. 
Now, AbilityMaine has added two new articles that are more investigative and cutting edge. One new article is from Mike Reynolds, “Of Landfills and Cerebral Palsy,” connecting a toxic waste landfill in Old Town, Maine, with a home for children with cerebral palsy, sited right next to the landfill. But there’s more–people connected with the landfill have been on the board of United Cerebral Palsy as well. Why are children with cerebral palsy being exposed to this landfill? Read the article and find out.
A second article is an interview by Sharon Wachsler of author Arnold Mann entitled, “How Do They Sleep at Night?” Mann, author of “They’re Poisoning Us! From the Gulf War to the Gulf of Mexico–An Investigative Report,” has demonstrated how corporations and the US government have been exposing the public to various toxic pollutants and then covering up those exposures. How are they getting away with this, and what can we do about it? Read the article and learn about how to help Mann publicize these dangers to society.
If you’re interested in those and other articles or creative writing by people with disabilities in the Breath & Shadow section, go to www.abilitymaine.org
Larry Dansinger  

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