April 9 – Bus to NYC

[Reminder: To learn more or reserve a seat on the bus, please contact sburke@midcoast.com
For a list of endorsers, see http://nepajac.org/Apri9Endorse.htm
For more info on the rally, see nationalpeaceconference.org ]

Begin forwarded message:

From: Steve Burke <sburke@midcoast.com>
Date: March 5, 2011 3:58:01 PM EST
To: Steve Burke <sburke@midcoast.com>
Subject: April 9 – Bus to NYC (MC P&J Lists)

Hi … This goes out to people who expressed interest in going to NYC on April 9 and to people who have asked us to reserve a seat or seats for them on the bus.
If you’re going and you’ve sent your check, thanks!…if you want to go and you haven’t sent a check yet, please do it right away so we can add your name to the passenger list. We need the $$ to pay for the bus and to possibly lease additional buses.
We’re filling scholarship seats in the order they were applied for and as the seats become available. As soon as we have a seat for you we’ll give you a call.
We need to have the contact information for all passengers. Name – email address – phone number – and where you would like to board – Bangor, Rockland, Bath or Portland.
Thanks, see you on the bus!…Steve

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