Architects/Engineers on 9/11 WTC destruction

Where: Southwest Harbor Public Library When: 7:30 PM, Friday, September 9 What: Film: Blueprint for 9/11 Truth

This film, which examines the forensic physical and chemical evidence relating to the destruction of the World Trade Center ten years ago, was put out by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (

The organization consists of over 1500 (and growing) licensed professional engineers, architects and fire inspectors who have examined the evidence and concluded that the official story of the World Trade Center destruction is fatally flawed.

This film is the one-hour version of the two-hour presentation that has been shown to audiences all over the world. Audiences are asked before and after every presentation how many feel the official story is correct, and almost all who initially say “yes” change their minds as a result of viewing the film. The same thing happened at an Acadia Senior College presentation in Southwest Harbor back in March, covering the 9/11 destruction of the third WTC skyscraper, Building 7.

The film simply looks at the evidence and what it implies about what happened to the buildings. It does not venture into the whodunit realm, or what happened outside of New York that day. It simply makes the point that there are serious questions that need answers, and getting those answers will require a new, independent investigation of the WTC event.

There will be time after the film for discussion. The only prerequisite is that discussants refrain from the useless perjorative term “conspiracy theory,” since (a) the official story is, in fact, a conspiracy theory (two or more people) and (b) the film avoids the dysfunctional exercise of assigning responsibility in the absence of a complete investigation.

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