Bradley Manning, June 6th

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Dear Judith,

The court has officially endorsed the government’s secret campaign to convict Bradley Manning of ‘aiding the enemy.’

Judge Colonel Denise Lind refused to dismiss the charge at Manning’s last hearing, supporting the government’s total refusal to show how Manning knowingly provided intelligence to al Qaeda by publishing it online.1

So in addition to our wall-to-wall coverage, we’re taking action. FDL’s Kevin Gosztola just joined Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman and others to order Judge Col. Lind to grant the press and public access to court filings, court orders and transcripts of Bradley Manning’s proceedings.2

Your invaluable support has helped us keep the world apprised of Bradley Manning’s case, and we’re doing everything we can to fight for fair justice. Kevin is heading back to Ft. Meade on June 6 for the next pre-trial hearing, and we need your help to send him there.

Can you please chip in $25 or more to support Kevin Gosztola’s coverage of Bradley Manning’s June 6 pre-trial hearing?

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With your help, we’ll continue to send Kevin to Fort Meade to provide his premier live-coverage of one of the most important whistleblower cases in our nation’s history as well as our advocacy for greater transparency and fair justice for Bradley Manning. As Kevin wrote:

While I have concerns about the constitutional implications posed by a government intent to convict Manning in secret, I find that my experience as a credentialed media reporter, who has been attending Manning’s legal proceedings since December of last year, gives me the authority and obligation to oppose the ridiculousness that is the judge’s decision to dismiss concerns from the press about lack of access to court filings. And so, I support this challenge as a member of the press whose job has been complicated unnecessarily by the government’s penchant for secrecy in the Manning proceedings.” [3]

Your support has even helped break the media silence on a local level: our campaign to write letters to local media outlets demanding more coverage of Bradley Manning’s trials accrued over 11,000 letters, and Op-Eds were published in local papers like the Lebanon Daily News4 and the Ukiah Daily Journal.5

Together, we’ve done incredible work to spotlight Bradley’s court proceedings and complicate the government’s efforts to convict him in secret. Please support Kevin Gosztola’s coverage of Bradley Manning’s June 6th pre-trial hearing, on-location at Fort Meade.

Donate $25 or more to support Kevin Gosztola’s coverage of Bradley Manning’s June 6 pre-trial hearing.

Thank you again for all you do to support our work and Bradley’s right to fair justice. Don’t forget to head over to starting June 6 for coverage of the pre-trial hearing; you can find all of Kevin’s past Bradley Manning coverage there as well.

In solidarity,

Brian Sonenstein
Director of Online Activism,

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