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Dear PICA Supporters,


Yes, it’s short notice, but PICA nevertheless passes on this invitation from the Maine AFL-CIO to join together Monday morning to support the Bring the Jobs Home Act, which ends tax breaks for companies exporting U.S. jobs,  and rewards them for bring them home.



Please join us on Monday in Bangor to demand our Senators support Maine workers and support the Bring Jobs Home Act!


What: Delivery of Maine Made Goods to Congressional Delegation
Who:  Manufacturing workers, community members, small business   owners
When: Monday, July 2nd, at 11:30 a.m.
Where: Federal Building, Harlow Street, Bangor


WHY: Unbelievably, the current tax code allows companies moving jobs overseas to deduct their moving expenses and reduce their taxes! Thousands of companies have taken advantage of this federal tax incentive to move jobs overseas, throwing workers out of jobs and devastating our communities. The American middle class is getting crushed and closed off, while huge corporations get tax breaks for shipping our jobs overseas. 



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Which corporations are getting tax breaks?  General Electric paid no – zilch, nada, zero – federal income taxes while making more than $10 billion in profits and shipping thousands of American jobs overseas.  Bank of America, which last fall announced plans to lay off 30,000 workers, is about to go on a hiring spree-overseas, relocating operations to the Philippines and India.  T-Mobileannounced in March that it would close seven American call centers, impacting 3.300 workers, while boosting work at call centers overseas.
It’s time to Bring Jobs Home!
It’s past time for our leaders to support investing in America and rebuilding our nation.  A good start is the Bring Jobs Home Act (S 2884/ HR 5542) which will end tax breaks for sending jobs overseas & reward businesses bringing jobs back to the United States Call your Representative and Senator and demand they stand up for the 99% — not the 1% — and vote for the Bring Our Jobs Home Act!
Congress can take steps now to stop outsourcing:
Call your Senators today at 888-659-9401.
Tell them to pass the Bring Jobs Home Ac t (S. 2884).
The Bring Jobs Home Act will eliminate tax incentives to companies that ship jobs overseas and reward businesses for bringing jobs back to the United States.  Republican, Democrat or Independent: We should all agree on that.
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