Budget for All victory in Massachusetts

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Dear UFPJ supporters,

The Budget for All question won overwhelmingly yesterday in all 91 cities and towns across Massachusetts in which it was on the ballot, averaging a 75% yes vote, 25% no — even passing in towns carried by Scott Brown.  The B4A was an anti austerity, anti war question put on the ballot by a peace-labor-community-faith coalition.
This afternoon we sent out the attached press release, announcing the passage of the Budget for All in all 91 cities and towns statewide, and interpreting its connection to current Washington budget debates.  

(But today’s Boston Globe editorial lays down the gauntlet and ignores the will of the voters as expressed in the B4A –http://bostonglobe.com/opinion/editorials/2012/11/07/with-election-over-congress-must-make-grand-bargain/whyGUURHWTxYAplSn6vuGN/story.html)
Now, we plan to continue to build the coalition to turn this vote into political pressure.


Cole Harrison
Communications Director
Massachusetts Peace Action
11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138
617-354-2169 w
617-466-9274 m
Twitter: masspeaceaction

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