Butter Battle Book, from Kabul

‘The Butter Battle Book’ from Kabul

“On the last day of summer, ten hours before fall …
… my grandfather took me out to the wall.”

KABUL — When we arrived at the museum, two legless men wheeled themselves past us, traveling in wooden carts operated by a hand held steering device.  Inside Kabul’s OMAR museum, which houses ordnance and land mines used in Afghanistan over four decades of warfare, there were many more pictures of  legless, armless and eyeless survivors of  land mine explosions lining the walls.  The OMAR organization  bravely collects and defuses abandoned mines and cluster bomblets before they can produce more casualties such as these (and casualties that are far, far worse) among men, women, and children in Afghanistan.

And my mind, I suspect as a sort of defense mechanism, started going back repeatedly, as I studied the exhibits, to The Butter Battle Book.

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