Calendar of events for February, 2014

Newsletter editors and emailers (I hope you will send this to others in your group or area if you don’t already),

Here are some calendar items for February (plus a few earlier and/or later).  FEEL FREE TO PICK AND CHOOSE AND NOT USE EVERY ITEM. If you know of things that should be publicized, please send them to me by the 15th of the month preceding the month when the event occurs. I don’t have time to search for things, so your assistance is really a big help in getting notice of more upcoming events.

Larry Dansinger 

(207) 525-7776 or

January 25 (snow date: Jan. 26). “American Winter” film shown (effects of the economic crisis on working people in US), 2 PM, B Street Community Center, 57 Birch St., Lewiston. No Class, 525-7776.

January 31-February 1: Eriel Tchekwie Deranger and Garth Lenz speak on resistance to the Alberta tar sands drilling, time/location TBA in Portland (31) and 2 PM, Wells Conference Center, U/Maine, Orono (Feb. 1). Maine, 317-1692 or  

February 1: Ellen Davidson, Tarak Kauff, and Yonatan Shapira will talk and show slides about Israel/Palestine conflict and proposed boycott of Israeli products, 7 PM, Curtis Library, Brunswick. Dud Hendrick, Veterans for Peace,

February 1 (snow date: Feb. 2): Annual workshop/planning meeting for war tax resisters and supporters in Maine, 10 AM-3 PM, Mediation and Facilitation Resources, 11 King St., Augusta. Call Larry, Maine WTR Resource Center, 525-7776.

February 7: Deadline for Maine Initiatives “Grants for Change” proposals to be received. Call 622-6294 or

February 8 (snow date: Feb. 9: “Rights-Based Ordinances” conference on local sovereignty for food, water, environment, etc., 1 PM on with potluck and music in the evening, Happy Acres Hall, 3704 Bennoch Rd., Alton. Stop the East-West Corridor, 495-3648 or

February 8 (snow date: Feb. 15): “Growing Good Seed: From the Ground Up” workshop on seed saving, 12 noon-6 PM, U/Maine, Farmington. MOFGA, 568-4142 or

February 15 (snow date: Feb. 22): “Principle Six: The Cooperative Future of Food in Maine” workshop on developing food cooperatives in Maine, 9 AM-4 PM, Mediation and Facilitation Resources building, 11 King St., Augusta. Paul Sheridan, Cooperative Maine, 338-0350 or

February 15: David Swanson, author of “War No More,” speaks on war and peace issues in Portland-Brunswick area and possibly another venue, time/location TBA. Martha Spiess, 865-3802 or  

February 16: “Dirty Wars” film shown (Jeremy Scahill on US covert wars), 6 PM, Peace and Justice Center, 96 Harlow St. #100, Bangor. Call 942-9343 or or

February 18: Organic Orcharding workshop, 6-8 PM, Free Library, Belfast. Kate Harris, Belfast Co-op, 338-2532. 

February 19: “Half the Earth” film shown (women creating social change), 6 PM, Free Library, Belfast. Call Meredith, 338-5089.

February 25: Citizen Action Day on environmental legislation (w/update and lobbying to follow), 9 AM-1 PM, State Capitol, Augusta. Natural Resources Council of Maine, 430-0115 (Todd) or

March 1: “Queering the Media” conference on bring LGBTQ issues to the media and having a larger presence within it, time TBA, Colby College, Waterville. Contact The Bridge, or


Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting is sponsoring signature collecting to put an initiative on the November, 2014, ballot to prevent the use of dogs, traps, and bait in bear hunting. The campaign includes several animal rights groups that are trying to give bears a chance to survive in a human culture that believes them to be a threat or a competitor for other animals. The collection deadline may be as early as February 3, so, those who want to help need to act quickly. Forms to collect signatures and more information about the campaign are available from MFBH, 747-4079 or
Maine Health Care Is a Human Right is a survey from the Maine People’s Alliance and Maine AFL-CIO to identify the problems of inadequate health care in Maine and what to do about that. What insurance, if any, do people have? What access to health care resources are available, and how does that compare to what each Maine person should have a right to? How does health care, or lack of it, influence how we live our lives? Who should be responsible for health care and insuring that every person have access to it? For more on the survey and results from it: Sarah Bigney, Maine AFL-CIO, 622-9675 or
Interested in a worker rights center for central Maine? There are some labor and worker activists who would like a resource and information center similar to those in the Portland and Bangor areas. Some areas of interest: Wage theft, immigrant rights, rights of workers to organize or address problems of working conditions. Legislation and public policy issues, advocacy for working people, living wages, and information about services might be other areas of interest, along with safety and health, legal support, and much more, since workers get screwed so many ways in today’s society. The Central Maine Labor Council and Maine Labor Group on Health are taking the lead in this initiative. For more details: Peter Crockett, or 622-7823.

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