Calendar of events for January, 2014

Newsletter editors and emailers (I hope you will send this to others in your group or area if you don’t already),

Here are some calendar items for January (plus a few earlier and/or later).  FEEL FREE TO PICK AND CHOOSE AND NOT USE EVERY ITEM. If you know of things that should be publicized, please send them to me by the 15th of the month preceding the month when the event occurs. I don’t have time to search for things, so your assistance is really a big help in getting notice of more upcoming events.

Larry Dansinger 

(207) 525-7776 or

December 21: Advent vigil at entrance to Bath Iron Works in support of ending construction of weapons of mass destruction at the facility, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM each Saturday, Washington Street, Bath. Smilin’ Trees Disarmament Farm, 763-4062.

December 22: “Bidder 70” film shown (stopping sale of public lands for corporate gain), 7 PM, Peace and Justice Center, 96 Harlow St., #100, Bangor. Call 942-9343 or or

December 27: “Chasing Ice” film shown (climate disruption), 7 PM, Library, Blue Hill. Peninsula Peace and Justice, 326-4405. 

December 30: Drone Die-in and petition delivery to office of Susan Collins to demand end to drone killings in other countries, noon, Canal Plaza (near Nickelodeon Cinema), Portland. Lisa Savage,  

December 31: Annual Polar Bear Dip and 5 kilometer run to support efforts against climate disruption, begins 9:30 AM with run at 11, dip at noon, Back Cove parking area, Portland. Natural Resources Council of Maine, 430-0127 or

January 7: Maine Agricultural Trades Show with a day-long focus on organic agriculture, all day, Civic Center, Augusta. MOFGA, 568-4142 or (Show continues Jan. 8-9.)

January 8: Maine People’s Alliance Lobby Day Rally supporting health care as a right and accepting federal funds to enable more to get on medicaid, 8 AM on, Hall of Flags, Maine capitol building, Augusta. Maine People’s Alliance, 797-0967 or

January 9: Rally for Unity around themes of speaking out on Maine money and resources for Maine people, An economy that supports the environment, and money out of politics, 1 PM, Hall of Flags, State capitol, Augusta. Chris Buchanan, or 495-3648.

January 11: Organizing meeting to form MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) chapter in Penobscot County, 1 PM (with pltlck at 2:30 PM), Bangor Grange, 1192 Ohio St., Bangor. Contact:

January 11: Direct Action preparation session for opposition to proposed Keystone pipeline, 9 AM-1 PM,  Brunswick area. Lee Chisholm, 776-3746 or

January 12: “Healthcare: The Movie” shown w/discussion of single payer health care to follow, 7 PM, Peace and Justice Center, 96 Harlow St., Bangor. Call 942-9343 or

January 15: “World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements” film shown (empowering teaching tools for teachers and the potential of students to learn and solve problems), 6 PM, Belfast Free Library, Belfast. Call Larry, 525-7776.

January 17: “Healthcare: the Movie” film shown w/discussion about Maine AllCare and universal health care, 7 PM, Library, Blue Hill. Call Judy,  Peninsula Peace and Justice, 326-4405. 

January 18: Direct Action preparation session for opposition to proposed Keystone pipeline, 9 AM-1 PM, Bangor area. Call Read Brugger, 382-5477 or

January 18-20: Martin Luther King holiday events in Portland, details TBA. NAACP, call 253-5074 or 650-8704.

January 19: Martin Luther King Jr. holiday panel on Proposition 8 and marriage equality, 1:20 PM, Keck Building, Bates College, Lewiston. Erica Rand,

January 19: Martin Luther King Jr. celebration, 4 PM, Reversing Falls Church, Brooksville. Call 326-8564.

January 19: Martin Luther King Jr. holiday event w/potluck and talk/discussion on Mandela and King, 5 PM, Peace and Justice Center, 96 Harlow St., Bangor. Peace and Justice Center, 942-9343 or

February 1 (snow date: Feb. 2): Annual workshop/planning meeting for war tax resisters and supporters in Maine, 10 AM-3 PM, Mediation and Facilitation Resources, 11 King St., Augusta. Call Larry, Maine WTR Resource Center, 525-7776. 

True07 is a group of feminist queers hoping to start a community show space and bicycle co-op in Portland. They hope to share tools, resources, books, workshops, ideas, and anything else worth sharing. The space could be used for art shows, concerts, dances, or other parties/gatherings. Concerning the bikes, the goal is a learning atmosphere, not just a place to drop off a bike and pick it up later. The same process is intended for other activities–all are teachers and learners. For more about the project or to suggest a location, contact
Project DEBUNK is a group for youth with dyslexia and their families, friends, and educators. DEBUNK stands for “Dyslexia Educational Bandwagon, Uniting Noteworthy Kids.” Altho based in the Bangor area, it is intended for any Maine youth and families. It’s goal is to help those with dyslexia know better what the condition means, how to adjust to it, what is or isn’t true about dyslexia (debunking myths), and supporting dyslexics as they learn and grow. Project DEBUNK can be reached at 249-3038 or or on the web at 
What do economic conditions and differences of policy mean for Maine? The Maine Center for Economic Policy can provide an analysis of what is going well or hurting a lot of Mainers thru their many papers and research reports. Is economic inequality increasing in Maine? Will the Affordable Care Act improve access to health insurance and care? Is child poverty changing? What can the state of Maine do to get 70,000 people onto the Mainecare rolls who are not currently covered? For a list of publications or more info: McCEP, or  

Larry Dansinger
(207) 525-7776 or

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