Calendar of Events for September +

Newsletter editors and emailers (I hope you will send this to others in your group or area if you don’t already),

Here are some calendar items for September (plus a few earlier and/or later).  FEEL FREE TO PICK AND CHOOSE AND NOT USE EVERY ITEM. If you know of things that should be publicized, please send them to me by the 15th of the month preceding the month when the event occurs. I don’t have time to search for things, so your assistance is really a big help in getting notice of more upcoming events.

Larry Dansinger 

(207) 525-7776 or

August 26: “Do the Math Plus” fundraising event and showing of the “Do the Math” film on climate disruption, 7:30 PM, Strand Theater, Rockland. Email:

August 28 (+ thru part of September): Exhibit of art inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s visit to the Maine Woods displayed, opening on the 28th, 5-7 PM, Viles Arboretum, 153 Hospital St.,  Augusta (+ on display into September). Mark Desmeules,
August 30: “Long Distance Revolutionary” film about Mumia Abu Jamal shown, 7 PM, Library, Blue Hill. Peninsula Peace and Justice, Judy or Peter, 326-4405.

September 2: Labor Day celebration with music, speakers, food, auction, and more, 4-about 8 PM, Solidarity Center, 20 Ivers St., Brewer. Food AND medicine, 989-5860 or 

September 6: Health and Safety retreat for workers and supporters, 9 AM-3:30 PM, Mechuwana Camp, Winthrop. Maine Labor Group on Health,

September 6: EqualityMaine Community Celebration Banquet, 5:30 PM, Hilton Garden inn, Haskell Rd., Bangor. EqualityMaine, 761-3732 or www.equalitymaineorg. 

September 7: Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition strategy meeting, 9:30 AM, First Church, Belfast.

September 10-11: Speaking Up for Us Self Advocacy conference and 20th anniversary celebration for people with disabilities  (also looking for vendors), all day, Best Western, 375 Main St, Waterville. Monique, 476-5500 or

September 15-October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month in Portland and possibly other Maine locations. Ricardo Cabezas, Centro Latino Maine, 409-5280 or

September 20-22: Common Ground Country Fair, 9 AM-5 or 6 PM, Crosby Brook Rd., Unity. Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, 568-4142 or

September 27-29: GROW (GrassRoots Organizing Workshops) annual organizer training weekend, Bryant Pond 4-H Camp, Bryant Pond. Iggy, 415-4458 or Jacqui, 284-3358 or to register.

September 27-29: “War Tax Resistance in Connection: Helping Us Help Each Other” annual gathering of war tax resisters/supporters, Amazing Planet Farm, Williamsville, VT. For travel from Maine, Larry Dansinger, 525-7776 or

September 29: “War on Whistleblowers” film shown, 7 PM, Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, 96 Harlow St., Bangor. Call 942-9343 or

October 4-6: “Awakening Our Passion, Living in Compassion: The Embodied Spirituality of Nonviolent Communication” workshop, Bar Harbor. Peggy Smith, 789-5299 or

October 4-6: Harvest Ball with music, social action information, info on marijuana liberation, Bijah Hill, Starks. Contact via

October 5: Transition Towns gathering with national organizers, Portland, time/location TBA. Rachel Lyn Rumson, 332-7224 or resiliencehub. 

October 5-12: Keep Space for Peace Week with events in Maine and beyond, Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, 443-9502 or


Join the Meg Perry Center. The Center is rejuvenating and re-inventing itself after losing most of its tenants. The office is still at 644 Congress St. in Portland, and it’s providing a storefront meeting space, organizing space, art space, and all purpose place to use for social action groups. The new board can use volunteers, groups that can rent the space, and contributions to its online calendar of events. Membership for 2013 is suggested at $20, but any and all donations are gratefully accepted. For more on how to get involved or use the space, contact Danny, There’s also an online video about the Center you can view.
The Equity Fund of the Maine Community Foundation offers grants for LGBTQ groups in Maine. Due date for applications for this cycle is September 15. The fund especially wants applications from groups in rural or underserved areas of the state. Previous grants were in the $5,000-7,500 range, and groups around the state have been funded in the past. For more about the application and what kinds of projects are most likely to get support, contact Ken Town at 685-4715 or or the Maine Community Foundation at 1-877-700-6800.
Remember the Occupy Movement? Well, it scaled back but it ain’t dead. It’s coming back in other forms, including other kinds of occupations. “Occupation: A Do-It-Yourself Guide” is an 18 page publication available at the Meg Perry Center, 644 Congress St., Portland during office hours (usually 10 AM-1 PM M-F and maybe other times by luck). It also may be found at other locations in Portland. The Guide may be used in a proposed occupation of Congress Square in downtown Portland, since that public space is threatened with sale to a hotel for more parking or other private uses. Contact Michael Anthony,

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