Can you host a Care-a-Van event in your area or with your group?–Corrected version

Sorry to repeat this, but the last email address contact was incorrect. Correct was is now included at the very end:

Bring Our War $$ Home (and put ’em to work) Care-a-Van

September 11 – October 10

The Care-a-Van is a group of people (in a van, of course) that will be traveling throughout Maine from September 11 to October 10 (three days after the tenth anniversary of the start of the war against Afghanistan) because they care about how much of our taxes are going to the military and want to bring more of them back to local communities to meet local human needs (health care, education, environment, food, housing, etc.).

Is your group planning an event during this time period (and especially between September 26 and October 6, when there are more open dates) where the Care-a-Van can attend? Or, can you organize an event where members of the Care-a-Van can talk about changing our national priorities to drastically reduce military spending and put more toward the needs of us in Maine and throughout the US?

The Bring Our War $$ Home campaign will also be asking why the burden for our taxes and for reducing our national debt is on those least able to pay and not on the wealthy individuals and corporations who should pay their fair share. 

What can we do about it? Help arrange a visit from the Care-a-van and find out. What will you need to do? Just find a place and time (evening program, school talk, group meeting, whatever), help do publicity about the event, plan a film or program to go with the Care-a-van (optional), and arrange a place for Care-a-vanners to stay overnight (also optional).

Maine people can take action. Find out what you can do and join the campaign to “Bring Our War $$ Home.”

For more details on hosting the Care-a-van or questions, reply to this email or contact Lisa, 399-7623 or or Bruce, 443-9502 or

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