Car pooling to see movie Inside Job in Ellsworth

Subject: car pooling to see movie Inside Job in Ellsworth

Carpooling to Inside Job sponsored by Occupation Ellsworth

Let’s keep this simple:  Anyone willing to car pool (either drive or get a lift):

Remember this is as much about supporting Occupation Ellsworth in their effort to bring together Occupation Blue Hill, Occupation MDI, Occupation Bangor, and Occupation Ellsworth in solidarity as it is in seeing this exceptional movie.

from the SWH/Somesville area:
Please meet at 5pm at Harbor House.  Thursday.  Nov. 17th.
from Bar Harbor/NEH area:
Please meet at the main parking lot in front of C.O.A. Gates Auditorium at 5pm.  Thursday.  Nov. 17th.
Be prompt.  Cars should leave on time.  We need to be in Ellsworth UUC Church at 5:30. 
Any questions:
Below is a list of people who have already signed on to go.  It isn’t necessary to have presigned to go.  We hope you all can make it.
Ron Greenberg

Inside Job

Thursday, Nov. 17th

UUC Church, Ellsworth



Robbie: Bar Harbor

Margaret: COA

Crow:   SWH

Diana:  SWH

Ed:  Bar Harbor

Priscilla:  SWH

Helen:   Bar Harbor

Carole:   Blue Hill

Steve:   Bar Harbor

Benjamin:   COA

Maggie:  COA

Lucas:   COA

Linda:    SWH

Burt:     Bar Harbor

Judi:  Bar Harbor

Charlie:  Somesville

Jan:   SWH

Ron:   Bar Harbor


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