Case of the Cuban Five, report on London Commission

The International Commission of Inquiry on the Case of the Cuban Five, held recently in London, was a great success. The National Committee to Free the Cuban Five has assembled an impressive report, including photos, a link to the preliminary conclusions of the commission, and video of a rally held in Trafalgar Square. 
It is heartening to see the attention that the case of political prisoners receives in other countries.
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Recently there was the opening of the George Bush library down in Texas and our president, our current president, Barack Obama, actually said in his speech that George Bush was, quote, a good man.  I couldn’t believe my ears because Bush is someone who has done so much destructive work on the planet including causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq, five hundred thousand of them children.  So I was thinking about, you know, who are the good men that I know or have heard of or think about and the Cuban Five are, in my opinion, very good men.  They are good men because they decided . . . it never even occurred to them, not to use any kind of violence to counter the violence against Cuba that was happening when people came to bomb hotels and try to make Cuba unable to basically remain stable.” — Alice Walker

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