Climate Change Lecture at UM 31 March at 7 PM

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Subj: Climate Change Lecture at UM 31 March at 7 PM
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Climate Change Speech at UM Orono on 31 March at 7 PM in Collins Center. Free and open to all.

The leading scientist in Maine on climate change is Professor  Paul Mayewski, Director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, Orono.  He is giving a public lecture on Thursday 31 March in Collins Center.  On this occasion he is going to give an update of where climate change science stands today.  Democrats are the great supporters of  scientists in this area and defending their right, and duty, to tell us what they think is going on with our climate as a result of our life style.  On the other side is the Republican Party who based on their links with the big polluters in the US want to discredit the science and the scientists.  They are claiming that it is too early to say that the climate change everyone can see is connected to human activities.  In order to discredit climate scientists the Republican majority in the House of Representatives arranges hearings to make their point.  It is therefore important that we are clear and loud in our support for the scientists that keep investigating these issues and tell us what is going on and what we should do about it.

Professor Mayewski’s specialty is the study of ice cores from glaciers such as Antarctica, the Himalayas and Greenland.  These cores are retrieved under harsh conditions by drilling on top of the glaciers and brought home to the scientific institutes where their contents are studied. This way we can know what was happening with the climate hundreds of thousands years back.  More information at

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