climate change volunteers for the Common Ground Fair

> Please pass along to others in your group or area. Thanks.

From Beedy Parker, asking for help in staffing a table on climate change (or climate disruption) and join rallies/parades at the Common Ground Fair: > > I am wondering if you might send out a message asking if anyone > could volunteer to help at the Fair (Sept23, 24, 25) in getting the > global warming message out. We need people to help staff the Climate > Change table in the Social and Political Action area, help with the > bicycle parades (two a day, wearing climate messages), to be part of > the Climate Rally on Saturday (3:30pm assemble, 3:50pm photo shoot) > and probably some logistics early Friday getting set up around the > Fair. > > If you know people who could help in any of these projects, please let > them know and give them my contacts (236-8732; > > > >

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