Climate Solutions Expo, Plenary, and Summit on March 12 in Augusta–Open to all, mostly free

Please pass along to others in your group or area. Thanks.

Details on this Climate Solutions Expo, Plenary, and Summit are available from the web site: .  A great way to learn about what can be done and to public awareness and action about the issue. 

Larry Dansinger
(207) 525-7776 or


We hope you will be able to join us and we ask that you help us spread the word about this important and valuable event. 
Please take a few minutes over the next few days to send this email out to your colleagues and contacts, or include in your organization’s newsletter. Attached is the same information that you see below as a Word document and as a PDF. Thank you!

  Climate Solutions is a one-day Expo & Summit on March 12, 2014, at the Augusta Civic Center. Across Maine, families, farms, small businesses, schools, organizations and governments are engaged in exciting initiatives to solve climate change. Climate Solutions will showcase these initiatives, bringing people together to explore practical and sustainable climate solutions here in Maine. 

Join us for:

Climate Solutions

Working Together for Maine’s Future


March 12, 2014, 9 am to 5 pm

Augusta Civic Center


Expo: What We Can Do Now

free and open to the public

exhibits and presentations on efficiency, adaptation planning, renewable energy, farming, fisheries, sustainability education, and more

9 am to 5 pm


Plenary: Voices of Maine Working People

free and open to the public

12:00 noon to 1:15 pm


Summit: What Should We Do Together?

registration required

day-long working session on public policy


For more information, go to or call 207-622-5330

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