Come to Poverty Free Maine Convention, October 30 in Augusta

Please pass along to others in your group or area. Thanks.

We hope you can come to this important convention and bring others also. You can register by emailing or replying to this email or by calling Jan at 453-2353 or Larry at 525-7776. If you decide at the last minute to come, you can just come to Jewett Hall at UMA. We can also help with travel expenses if you need it.
Poverty Free Maine Convention


How Maine Can End Poverty by Establishing Economic Human Rights


Saturday, October 30, 2010, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Jewett Hall, Univ. of Maine, Augusta


Sponsored by Maine Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Coalition
If you are low income, we especially want you to come and speak up. If you are not, we welcome you also as allies to support us.


The MAINE POOR PEOPLE’S ECONOMIC HUMAN RIGHTS COALITION works to inspire and exact change for the betterment of our lives and communities by generating a movement that unites the poor and their allies. Members share a common vision of a society where all have rights to housing, living wage jobs, health care, quality education, and other economic human rights.


Maine PPEHRC wants the Maine legislature to adopt and enforce our Bill of Economic Human Rights (below), which we will ratify at the convention:


Bill of Economic Human Rights for Maine

1) Every individual has a right to have her/his basic needs met, such as:
* food and clothing
* permanent housing
* health care
* child care
2) Every individual has a right to income to provide the basic needs of her/his family, through productive employment and/or through entitlements.
3) Every individual has a right to:
* freedom from discrimination in obtaining her/his basic needs
* seek one’s choice of employment
* access to public transportation that supports employment retention
* productive work with equal pay for equal or comparable work at a livable wage
* protections against the ill effects of unemployment
* a standard of living that is adequate for security and well-being.
4) Every individual has a right to:
* form and join labor unions and other groups which protect her/his interests
* bargain collectively on issues such as pay and working conditions
* work in businesses or cooperatives which provide maximum opportunities for economic democracy
* strike without fear of reprisals.
5) Every individual has a right to education or training to obtain the skills that allow her/him to participate in and contribute to the Maine economy.
6) Every individual has a right to access financial services, including, but not limited to, savings or checking accounts, loans and IRA’s.
7) Every individual has a right to access quality legal services regardless of the ability to pay.




8:30 AM—Registration


9:00 AM—Introductions


9:30 AM—Panel Discussion: “Exercising Your Economic Human Rights”


10:30 AM—Break


10:45 AM—Participant Feedback and Comments


11:30 AM—Ratification of Bill of Economic Human Rights for Maine


12 Noon—Lunch will be provided (with vegan and vegetarian options)


1:00 PM—Workshop #1


2:30 PM—Workshop #2


4:00 PM—Closing Discussions


(Workshop topics include: Right to free post secondary education, right to earn a livable wage, right to health care, preventing homelessness. Attendees will have the opportunity to select which workshops they would like to attend during morning registration.)




(typing information on this form and replying by email is fine)








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Email _________________________________


Please Check all that Apply:


___I am registering for Poverty-Free Maine Convention, October 30



Registration fee: The event is free; however, donations are greatly appreciated.



___I need childcare. Please list ages of children.



Ride Share:

___I need a ride from_____________________

___I can offer a ride from _________________


Please note any other special accommodations






Return this form, preferably by October 25th, to:


PO Box 105, Fairfield, ME 04937

or email to


For registration or other questions: or call Jan at 453-2353 or Larry at 525-7776.


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