Come to the 11th annual YOUTH ACTIVISM GATHERING (YAG), April 16-18, Turner Grange

To Youth Activists and Friends of Youth Activists AND PLEASE PASS ALONG TO OTHERS IN YOUR GROUP OR AREA,

If you are a young person, we hope you will come and bring friends too. If you aren’t but know young people (friends, children, co-workers, grandchildren, students, etc.), please pass this on to them. Thanks.

eleventh annual




for youth to come together, organize, & share ideas. Meet people from around the state; have a voice in our communities; share skills and information to empower ourselves.

April 16-18, 2011

Turner Grange

Route 117, Turner Center

What is the Youth Activism Gathering?

The YAG is an annual event in which youth from all over the state (and sometimes beyond) converge to share ideas, explore issues and methods of resolving them, share knowledge, network and get creative. The YAG is a 3-day celebration of political action, fierce youth brilliance, and do-it-yourself fun! Come share ideas, skills, and experiences with other youth from around the state.

Who Comes to the YAG?

–People from diverse backgrounds

–People with any level of experience

–Mostly people in their teens to 30’s but all young at heart are welcome

–Doesn’t matter if you’ve had lots of experience in activism or you are completely new to it!

Call or email for directions (and they will be sent to those who register). The Turner Grange is on Route 117 in Turner Center, near Leavitt High School and across from the former “Kids Camp,” about one and a half miles east of Route 4

**To register and for more information, see us online at or email or call Meaghan at 973-862-7105.** You can also mail a registration and check (payable to ROSC) to ROSC, 161 Stovepipe Alley, Monroe, ME 04951. 

A note about money: In order to keep the YAG going each year, we ask for $5-10/day. But, if you can’t pay that much or anything at all, you’re still welcome to come. We want everyone to come who wants to. 

You can also register when you arrive at the gathering, but if we know you are coming, it helps us to figure out how many are coming, how much food to get, who can rideshare with others, etc.  (See below for registration form)

Come to workshops & discussions on lots of issues. Examples of past workshops:

*Ice Breakers and Team Building

*Grass Roots Media Making


*Reproductive Health/Safe Sex




*Earth First!

*Homophobia and Racism

*Reproductive Health

*Herbal First Aid

And many more……….

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own ideas for workshops or discussions.


ALSO, traditionally there has been: 


#DIY “open mic” music and entertainment

#Cabaret Show

#Time to hang out and meet activist youth from around Maine


#Meals and snacks for hungry activists (meals are vegetarian/vegan with meat options).

#Sleeping space inside the Grange and also tenting outside (bring sleeping bags)


*Arrive anytime after 10 AM on Saturday, April 16. Circle up at noon. Gathering ends at 3 PM on Monday, April 18. 

Things you may be glad you brought to the YAG:

#Sleeping bag or warm blankets, pillows, sleeping pad, a tent (if you want more sleeping privacy, tenting will be available next to the Grange, since we’ll be sleeping at the Grange), ear plugs

#Flashlight, friends, earplugs, towel, change of clothes, extra pair of socks and shoes, warm clothes


#Zines, instruments, books, games, poems, art stuff, flyers, stories, poems, items to barter or give away, things for the open mic, thoughts/ideas/dreams, and anything else you want to share, and friends, of course!


REGISTRATION FORM (return by email to

Return this form by April 13 if possible.

You can also register at the door (but registering ahead helps us with who’s coming, food planning, ride sharing, etc.)



Mailing Address/Town/Zip:________________________________







____ Enclosed is $5-10 per day or $20 for all three days OR whatever I can afford (OK to pay at the door, too.)


____ I want to organize a workshop or discussion on______________________________


____ I need a ride, please call me. (We’ll call, include phone number)


____I can offer a ride from _______________, please call me.


____I need childcare or something else_________________________


____I have special food needs (Please specify):




Make checks payable to ROSC and mail to:

Youth Activism Gathering/ROSC

161 Stovepipe Alley

Monroe, ME 04951


OR email this registration form to


*Turner Grange is a drug- and alcohol-free space*


When youth get together, there is ENERGY, there is CREATIVITY, there is INSPIRATION, and there is POWER.



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