corrected MINUTES Peninsula Peace & Justice organizational meeting

Note the Walk to Stop the War on the Poor is Saturday June 16 in Bangor, beginning at Pierce Park at noon


Peninsula Peace & Justice organizational meeting

Wednesday June 6 at 6:30 pm, in the Howard Room of the Blue Hill Library

Judy, Peter, Lorenzo, Steve


In Bangor, PPJ is a sponsor for the Walk for the Poor on Saturday June 16, noon to two at Pierce’s Park near the Library.  The rally challenging proposed cuts to human services in Maine will be followed by a two-mile walk across the city. See


Followup on Field of Flags, flowers, and fundraising:


Judy & Steve sent fundraising letter through group email, and PPJ has received almost $400 from 10 donors so far.  This will pay for the flags and leave our small treasury intact.


Carolyn Coe, absent, in still in the West Bank, perhaps near Bethlehem, and due home in less than a week.  PPJ hopes she will present photographs and personal experiences from this Palestine trip at a Library event in an upcoming month.


Film possibilities for June and July: 


June 29, we plan to show (pending availability)  The Pipe: Big Oil, Small Village, a documentary on an Irish village’s successful resistance to Shell Oil’s plans for development. 


In late July we will not show a film, but instead we will wait till August 1 and show Doctors on the Dark Side.  This documentary presents the history behind the involvement of psychologists in the detention and interrogation of prisoners at Guantanamo and other sites that the U.S. government has put under military and intelligence control but suspended the usual rules of prisoners in warfare and the Gneeva Conventions, while maintaining secrecy regarding its activities, including the use of pain, shame, trauma and torture.  The American Psychological Associateion has supported the use of licensed psychologists in these settings, while controversy has roiled within its membership over the ethics of doing so, failing to enforce rules newly set in place to identify such service as unethical.  Steve Benson, a psychologist in Blue Hill who has participated in the movement to protest the APA position, will lead discussion and invite psychologists, psychotherapists, and other professional caregivers.


Facebook page and web site ideas

Steve showed a mock-up of a Facebook page for PPJ and explained how it could be used by the community. The group examined it and approved it for continuing development.  A similar page exists for Bangor’s P&J group at


The page can store photos, announcements, information, press releases, and links to other groups’ activities, Facebook pages and websites.  Judy will announce the page through her email list soon, when it’s ready for use.


Occupy issues


Lorenzo reported on some currently developing ideas in the Occupy movement, as follows:


Michael Moore suggests more yard signs, bumper stickers, window stickers, and other placement for symbols and signals of solidarity with the 99%.  The local Blue Hill #OWS support group is considering obtaining and widely distributing such signage for use throughout the community.


Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s is developing ideas on how to occupy the currency through rubber stamping slogans onto paper money bills.    


respectfully submitted,

Steve Benson

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