Crisis in Congo: film, Blue Hill Oct 30

I was just listening to a podcast on Sibel Edmonds’s Boiling Frog’s Post blog about AFRICOM and the earlier JSOC activities in Africa: (it’s subscriber only, but if you want to see beyond what Amy Goodman has to offer, it’s worth the price). The U.S. contributed to the conditions that led to the Rwandan genocide and spread of violence into Zaire. It would be interesting to see whether that aspect of U.S. policies is covered. Dick Judy_Robbins wrote, On 10/28/13 5:49 PM: > reminder > > Peninsula Peace & Justice will show the film *CRISIS IN THE CONGO: > UNCOVERING THE TRUTH on Wednesday October 30 at the Blue Hill Library (7 > pm.)* > This film was brought to our attention (and loaned to us) by Rob > Shetterly, who met recently with Congolese activists who impressed upon > him the urgency of addressing the crisis. > > Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, Rob Shetterly will *not* be > able to be present at the library for the showing of the film. But > following the short (30 minute) film, we will have a discussion and > related resource materials from Friends of Congo. > > We hope you will join us. > > *CRISIS **in the** CONGO:* > > UNCOVERING THE TRUTH > > *the deadliest conflict since World War II, according to U.N.;* > *a country of resplendent natural resources;* > * * > *what is the role of U.S. policies?* > > *Wednesday October 30 7 pm* > *Blue Hill Library* > * * > Discussion will follow the film. _______________________________________________ HCCN mailing list

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