Critique of Stanford critique of organic foods

I heard yesterday that a study had come out showing that organic fruits and vegetables are not significantly safer to eat than conventionally-grown ones. It sounded a little counter-intuitive. But I didn’t have time to follow up on it before I found this article on my electronic doorstep this morning. Its analysis is perhaps a useful innoculant against whatever storm of advertising develops from the pesticide industry.

EWG (The Environmental Working Group) has long been providing a helpful guide to pesticides in produce: The fact that the USDA finds 57 different pesticides in celery adds weight to the multi-toxin argument in this article.

I’ve included the most substantive links here; there are more in the original.

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  1. "Arthur A. Dole" says:

    Dick–In my own case, since I have had a bit of experience with research, I’ want to look at the studies themseves before making up my mind. For most people, other things being equal, I’d want to know where my groceries originated. The farther away the less confidence I’d have. Thus, a Hancock county farm before a California grown product. Art Dole

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