Death Toll of U.S. Service Members Passes 5, 000 and the Hundreds of Thousands.

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Date: June 5, 2009 11:39:57 AM EDT
Subject: Death Toll of U.S. Service Members Passes 5,000 and the Hundreds of Thousands of Civilian War Victims Continues to Rise

Death Toll of U.S. Service Members Passes 5,000 and the Hundreds of Thousands of Civilian War Victims Continues to Rise


According to and over 5,000 U.S. service members have died in the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. I did a quick survey of the news and found little to mark the passing of these tragic numbers. Of course one finds even less to mark the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians. The only groups remembering one or both at this sad time are those working for peace.


How many times can we say that war will not work? That wars cause many more problems than they solve and that those who benefit the least from war sacrifice the most? How many times must we bear witness to what we have seen, heard, tasted and what many of our comrades have died in or, later, because of? We have done it ten thousand times ten thousand and we must continue until we abolish war. This is our charge. This is our duty. We will not flinch in the face of this daunting task. With the knowledge that our cause to preserve and protect life is just, knowing that war is a human made scourge that can only be ended by the hand of humanity or by our self imposed extinction. Through perseverance, tenacity, and commitment to each other, we will prevail. We will abolish war. There will be a day when the call for a veteran for peace will no longer be needed.


Thank you for your service to the cause of peace and justice.



Michael T. McPhearson

Veterans For Peace

Executive Director

314 725-6005



peace: One step at a time.



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