Drones Quilt Project

Hi, I have just signed on to be part of the Drones Quilt Project.

Below is info about this project to bring attention to the victims of US drone warfare.

Begun in the UK, and now being replicated in the US, the project invites participants to create a 10″x10″ square for the Drones Quilt.
Each square is personalized with the name of a victim (or one of the many unnamed victims) and your name.
When finished the quilt will travel as an exhibit.
See the new web site for details. Leah Bolger is a peace activist and recent president of Veterans for Peace.
Please share with friends and lists. — JR

Begin forwarded message:

From: Leah Bolger <leahbolger@comcast.net>

Dear Friends,

This e-mail announces the launch of the website to support the U.S. version of the Drones Quilt Project.  We got the idea to create a drones quilt to memorialize the victims of U.S. combat drone strikes from a group of women in the UK.  I thought there would be plenty of interest in the U.S. to create a quilt of our own, and I am right.  I have assigned about 185 names and have received over 40 completed blocks.  Soon we will begin sewing the blocks together to create panels of quilt blocks.  I will be creating educational information about drones which will accompany the quilts as part of a traveling exhibit.
Here is the website to support the project:  www.dronesquiltproject.wordpress.com
I have posted photos of all the blocks I have received so far.  The website also contains information about creating a block, anti-drone resources and endorsing organizations.  
Please help me promote the Drones Quilt Project by passing along the website:  www.dronesquiltproject.wordpress.com and follow the project on Twitter:  @dronesproject.

To unsubscribe from this list, just go to https://lists.riseup.net/www/sigrequest/nodrones – if you are having trouble, please just email nodronesinfo@gmail.com

be strong. be wise. be just. 
~ Adnan Latif

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