East-West Corridor

The recent developments slowing the highway study do not mean that we don’t need to understand this issue and prepare to end all plans for this destructive project!  Please come on Friday to learn about this issue.  I don’t think they are putting this in the papers, so please share this notice with friends and e-mail lists.

Alliance for Democracy Hosts Presentation On the East-West Corridor Project

On Friday, August 24 from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Howard Room of the Blue Hill Public Library, the local chapter of the Alliance for Democracy is presenting Chris Buchanan, the statewide coordinator of Stop the East-West Corridor, to share facts and concerns about the proposed East-West Corridor Project and discuss strategy with the public.  This event is free and open to the public.  People for, against, and undecided on the project are encouraged to come.  There will be refreshments.

Stop the East-West Corridor is a coalition of Maine citizens and organizations dedicated to raising awareness, fostering open communication, and requesting transparency about the proposed East-West Corridor.  Their mission is to stop the East-West Corridor by demonstrating that the project is not in the best interests of Maine and that Maine stakeholders do not want it.

Bonnie Preston

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