End Endless War by Repeal of Authorization for Use of Military Force

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From: “Jim Cason, FCNL” <jimcason@fcnl.org>
Date: February 20, 2014 11:30:27 AM EST
To: “Judy Robbins” <judy@robbinsandrobbins.com>
Subject: Thanks to you, we’re close to our goal RE: Your rep. isn’t hearing enough



Thanks so much for writing to your representative this week to support repealing the Authorization for the Use of Military Force and ending the endless wars. I have some exciting news – in just two days we’ve nearly made our goal of getting 3,000 messages into offices this week. 

Now, can you help us find 450 more people who could help reach our goal? Please forward this email to 3 friends and encourage them to contact their rep today.

Those messages, combined with the 40 delegations who are visiting their reps in person during this recess period, will make a big difference in showing representatives that their constituents support bringing this chapter of our history to an end.


Jim Cason
Associate Executive Secretary for Strategic Advocacy

From: Elizabeth Beavers, FCNL
Sent: 02/18/2014 12:28 PM 
Subject: Your rep. isn’t hearing enough

Dear Judy Robbins,

I’ve spent much of the last month in Capitol Hill offices talking about the 2001 law that authorized the war in Afghanistan, expanding armed drone attacks, NSA spying and indefinite detention at Guantanamo Bay. In office after office, from Republicans and Democrats,I’ve heard staffers saying their boss would be open to repeal of this sweeping law. But staff report they need to hear more from their constituents to make this a priority.

With your help we’re hoping to organize at least 3,000 messages into congressional offices asking for repeal. Please email your representative today with the message that as the U.S. ends its military involvement in Afghanistan, our country also ought to repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force that authorized that war and so much more. Last year we had 185 votes in favor of repeal – just 33 short of the total we need to win passage in the House.

But congressional offices say they need constituent support to vote confidently for repeal. And right now they aren’t hearing enough from their constituents. Your representatives are back home this week for the Presidents Day recess.

Your messages this week will amplify the advocacy of nearly 40 groups across the country who are working with us to meet in person with their representatives around this recess.

We’ve spent the past four months organizing delegations to lobby in person during this week, bringing the message in person to influential representatives that it’s time to end the state of endless war that the authorization allows. You also have an important part to play in getting this message into offices. Please write to your representative today, then forward this email to 3 friends and ask them to write as well. Help get to 3,000 messages. Make sure your representative hears this week that it’s time for the endless war to end.

Thank you for your support of peace,


Elizabeth Beavers
Foreign Policy Assistant

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