Events at Reversing Falls Sanctuary, Brooksville

REVERSING FALLS SANCTUARY END-OF-YEAR EVENTS                                        


Nov. 17, 4 p.m. Play “The Trial of Anne Hutchinson” by Gary Vencill

A staged-reading of a 16th century trial of a religious dissenter will be offered.


Dec.1, 4p.m. Women’s Circle (usually the 1st Sunday of the month)

An ongoing exploration of the deep river within each of us that flows

beneath the busyness of our daily lives


Dec. 8, 2-5p.m. Painting Exhibition: Annie Poole’s “Advent Series”

Lovely farm and family outdoor scenes of the winter holidays and holy days


Dec. 15, 4p.m. The Advent Spiral: a lovely, meditative, seasonal ritual

Walk among the spruce boughs and candles in this season of light and dark


Dec. 21,  4p.m. Solstice Celebration: Endings and Beginnings

Letting-go of those things which prevent us from reaching our full potential.

A fire and water ritual celebrating community at the Reversing Falls Bridge.


Dec. 22, 2p.m.   Cookie EXCHANGE 

Bake several dozen of your favorite cookies and exchange them for an equal number selected from a wide variety of your neighbors’ favorite cookies.               


Jan. 5, 4p.m. Women’s Circle (see Dec. 1 for details)


Jan. 12, 4p.m. Nourishing Flourishing

On-going workshop introducing science-based Positive Psychology into our

community: how to nourish ourselves so as to flourish, led by Gerry Bryan


Jan. 19, 4p.m. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

Celebration of the life and legacy of this champion of peace and justice.


Jan. 26, 4p.m. Multi-faith Ritual Celebration

Voices from many traditions expressing their love, compassion and adoration


                                      COMING SOON IN 2014


The Wabanaki Truth and Reconciliation Commission: What is it?

The purpose of the TRC is to uncover and acknowledge the truth about what happened to Wabanaki children and families involved with the Maine child welfare system.


Shaker Play: “As in Heaven”

Casting and rehearsals will begin in January/February


Post-denominational Spiritual Pilgrimage

An 8 week retreat discovering/exploring one’s unique spirituality led by Phoebe Phelps,Ph.D

More information at or 326-8564

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