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From: Ken Jones <jonesk@maine.edu>
Date: April 14, 2013 7:44:31 PM EDT

Hi all,

I am sitting In Caracas, watching the news. We went to a variety of polling stations todays and have had a number of information sessions and meetings since Thurs. The opposition is already claiming fraud and appears to be inviting disturbances if the vote against them. We got several explanations of the voting process, from the official governmental branch CNE charged with elections as well as from official observers from the US national lawyers´guild. We also got a on-site observation of the process. It is impeccable, checks and balances everywhere, incredible transparency and citizen participation. I will write about it when I return. Carter called it the best electoral system in the world and I can see why. Do not believe claims of voter fraud. It does not seem possible (unlike in the US). Very exciting and anxious here as we await the announcement of results in 2 hours or so. Also do not believe any predictions of winning by the international press which appears to be taking their lead from opposition news conferences which are illegally already claiming victory (apparently to set up later disturbances when CNE says otherwise. If Maduro wins, there may be nasty stuff going on. Already there are reports of armed Salvadoran mercenaries being in the country. Gads.

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some interesting bits as we follow the day:


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