Feb 11 Searsport Hearings resume: LPG MegaTank

[A good way to become informed about the BigTank proposal would be to attend the public hearings, which resume tomorrow. See below for info.

See also TBNT.org  — JR]

photo of banner made by Natasha Mayers

DCP Midstream, a Denver-based limited liability company, is proposing to build a 22.7 million gallon, 14 story liquefied petroleum gas mega-tank and terminal on Mack Point, Searsport, Maine. This heavy industrial project would bring critical harm to Searsport.


Thanks But No Tank (TBNT) is a coalition of residents and small business owners living and working in the Searsport region that seek to support, protect, and maintain the region’s economy, environment, scenic character, and quality of life. TBNT members are concerned with the safety and security impacts of the proposed DCP Midstream LPG Tank and Terminal; the associated truck, ship and rail traffic, as well as the excessive light, visual, noise, and air pollution would adversely and unduly affect their homes, businesses, environment, and quality of life.

Please see the fact page to learn more about this proposed project.

For all archived articles, presentations, and legal documents please click here.

To download the full Good Harbor Techmark All Hazards Assessment or separate sections, including the Executive Summary, follow this link.

********** UPDATE**********

The hearings continue February 11, 2013 at 6 PM with Richard Clarke to present the Good Harbor report at the Searsport HS.

Searsport District High School is just off Rte. 1 on Mortland Rd.  just beyond the Library.  Ample Parking.

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