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PPJ, P.O. Box 1515, Blue Hill Maine 04614

“In the town of Blue Hill on the coast of Maine, there is a field of small white flags, one flag placed for each soldier killed in the Iraq War. . . .  I have watched this field move from green to white, from spring to winter.”
– Terry Tempest Williams

May 27, 2012

Dear Friends,
Please consider making a donation to help maintain the field of flags in downtown Blue Hill.
This past weekend in Blue Hill, more than thirty people joined in the re-creation of the Iraq War Dead Memorial – a field of flags – as we have done each spring since May 2005. Members of Peninsula Peace & Justice, Island Peace & Justice, Veterans for Peace, and other organizations, along with many new faces from the greater community, spent the muggy Saturday morning preparing the field beween the library and the Congregational Church with over five thousand flags and a great many new plantings.  Flowers and plants expand the perennial gardens and now surround the field.
The purpose of the Memorial is to continue to illustrate the cost of war. In a society that often tends to turn away from the mistakes and tragedies of its past, this field reminds us all that the death and destruction of our nation’s choices to make war are ongoing, that the loss of each soldier and civilian is still being grieved and survived, that we share responsibility and that we must work for change. The Iraq War Dead Memorial is a medium for that witness.
This year we have run down our small treasury and borrowed money to keep the field active as a memorial. We have always counted on small donations to keep things going.  We ask again for your support. No donation is too small. We thank you for any help you are ready to give.
There will be more opportunities during the summer and fall to participate in person, too. These include days the flags are pulled, the field is mowed, and then flags are replaced by hand.  If you can help with work in the field, please contact to make sure you are on our email alert list (or call 326-4405 if you prefer). If you can send a donation, please make it payable to Peninsula Peace & Justice and mail to the address above.
Thank you for your part in acknowledging and remembering the lives that have been lost and that continue to be lost — Iraqi, Afghan, and Pakistani, as well as American.

Steve Benson

for Peninsula Peace & Justice

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