Field of Flags update, Blue Hill, July 14th

Those who worked at the field this morning in spite of the heat managed to accomplish most of the task of the midsummer maintenance. Lori Connor mowed the field after all flags were pulled up, then Tony, Matt, Carolyn and Peter laid out the field for replacing the flags. Bonnie, Steve, Flo, Tom and Judy placed flags (mostly in the church side of the field). Flo and Peter also tended to the flowers.

More hands are needed to finish up and everyone is invited to come at a time that is convenient (early morning and early evening avoid the heat) or may get together next Saturday morning (July 21) at 10, if there is still work to be done. Another email will go out with an update.

The remaining flags (several thousand, bundled in 50s and 100s) are at the back of the field, next to the new bench, and under plastic.

There is now a simple new method for making the rows: 1. Get a bundle of flags and choose a row beginning near the front of the field. All the rows start at the road side and go straight back. 2. From front to back (working away from the road, or back to front is ok), there are marker flags to identify each row, which can be used to eyeball a straight line. 3. Place flags approx. 10″ apart going front to back. Using the 21″ flag as a measure, it’s easiest to place a flag at 21″ from the last flag, then pop one in between the two. 4. The rows are spaced approx. 20-21″ apart.

5. A lot can be accomplished in 1/2 hour ! Thank you all for helping.

Visitors to Blue Hill, as well as people in the community, continue to express their appreciation for the message of the field and the care with which it is treated.

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