Film BUDRUS, Friday Blue Hill

Film BUDRUS,  Friday Blue Hill Friday, December 2, 7:00 p.m. Blue Hill Library
BUDRUS, Award-winning documentary
Peninsula Peace & Justice Film Series

Excerpted from one film review:

“An eye-opening, heart-wrenching journey across ten months in a small Palestinian village called Budrus leaves viewers inspired, angered and cheering. The true story of a tiny town at the edge of the West Bank, Budrus follows several individuals, each tied to the construction of the Israeli security barrier through Palestinian territory.

The documentary’s plot revolves around the town and its inhabitants, shining light on peace-building, women’s roles, unity among Palestinian factions and Israeli presence in the West Bank. In 2010, the film was a winner at eight international film festivals, including at Tribeca and the Jerusalem International Film Festival. Since its release, Budrus has received high praise and continues to show screenings worldwide.

In the film, Budrus, like dozens of other Palestinian towns, rubs dangerously close to the green line dividing Israel and Palestine, and when Israel began to build a wall to firm up the division, significant portions of the partition stray from the green line and onto Palestinian land. The wall was planned to encircle Budrus and cut it off from 3,000 olive trees by which many of the 1,500 Budrus residents make their living, and which are dearly associated with their history and traditions. Many of the olive trees were given the names of the town’s mothers…”

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