fw: "Our Time Is Now"

from CommonDreams.org, a brief (too brief) youtube of a speech that should have been delivered at the MLK festivities in DC, by Phillip Agnew, Dream Defenders

The sound and fury around the March on Washington has subsided, leaving in its wake rhetorical detritus and partisan charges and counter-charges – to wit, the right explaining the lack of a single Republican leader with the huffy claim they weren’t invited, vs. the truth that they were but all declined, citing scheduling conflicts, health issues and the fact they don’t give a shit about people of color (we wish). More importantly, missing were the powerful voices of two key young Dreamers – United We Dream board chair Sofia Campos and Dream Defenders’ executive director Phillip Agnew, known for leading the successful 31-day sit-in at the Florida State Capitol to protest Stand Your Ground laws. Both Agnew and Campos had delivered fiery speeches during Saturday’s commemoration, and both were cut from Wednesday’s event moments before they were to speak. From the eloquent Agnew, “They told us that they ran out of time, but we believe our time is now.” Unfazed, Agnew took to YouTube to ask viewers to submit their own two-minute speech, the time he was allotted, under the hashtag #OurMarch. And he delivered his fabulous speech.

“Fifty years ago a man told us of a Promised Land. And for fifty years we’ve wandered and wondered. Where are the youth? A constant whisper in our ears…And so we have come, asking neither permission nor questions, but to say that we are here. And we are ready…May the outcome always prosper over income. Peace over Profit. Revolution over revenue and all peace and power to the people. Don’t believe us just watch.”

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