Fwd: A3 Final Update – HERMAN IS RELEASED!

Response from Angola 3… Amazing commitment by Judge Jackson

From: Lawrence Reichard <lreichard@gmail.com>


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From: Tory Pegram <odsllc@gmail.com>
Date: October 1, 2013 8:45:19 PM EDT
To: Tory Pegram <odsllc@gmail.com>
Subject: A3 Final Update – HERMAN IS RELEASED!

After a long, dramatic day, I am humbled to report that the indomitable, irrepressible Herman Wallace has just been released after spending over 4 decades in solitary confinement.
Even after Judge Jackson’s late evening ruling denying the State’s attempt at a stay and again ordering his immediate release, the State continued to stall.  Once notified of the continued delay, Judge Jackson stoically refused to leave his quarters until Herman was released, and just minutes ago, Herman was driven away from the prison a free man, awake and able to revel in this miraculous turn of events.
The State will likely still appeal to the 5th Circuit and attempt to have the order reversed, and may even re-indict him, but it seems that Herman, against all odds, has won. 
Despite all the exciting drama of the day, this is obviously a deeply bittersweet moment for all those involved in the campaign as we know Herman may not have much longer amongst us, but thanks to the unwavering commitment to justice that those on this list have demonstrated over the years on A3’s behalf, he will not die in prison behind solitary bars.
Now we must resolve collectively to harness this rediscovered energy and excitement and dedicate ourselves to getting Albert the same result without delay.
If you happen to be in New Orleans, supporters are holding a vigil tonight starting in just a few moments at 8pm at Coliseum Square to witness his ambulance driving by.  Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate this incredible news.
With awe, bewilderment, and a renewed optimism…till morrow,

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