Fwd: Angus thinks drones are "humane" – needs to hear from you

From: Lisa Savage <lsavage3@gmail.com>

If you have not heard Sen. Angus King talking about how humane a weapon drones are, you can catch it here

I have just called all his Maine offices and his DC office to say how appalled I am to hear this ridiculously false statement, and to ask that he retract it. Also asked that they call me back to let me know how he is going to proceed.
The Bring Our War $$ Home campaign has been waiting about 3 weeks to hear back from his scheduler about when we can meet with a staff member. It becomes clear that Sen. King himself will need to meet with some CODEPINK “associates” (Sen. Diane Feinstein’s words during the Brennan for CIA hearings this week) soon. In the meantime…
Let Angus know who he is supposed to be representing in Washington! Here are some numbers:
DC office  202-224-5344
King’s Maine offices:
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Twitter: @CODEPINKmaine

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