Fwd: Ask Maine’s reps & senators to co-sponsor bill to limit surveillance

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From: Lisa Savage <lsavage3@gmail.com>

Ok, I hate the name of this bill, but it is a measure to rein in mass NSA-style surveillance that has a ton of bipartisan support. 

Yet none of Maine’s congressional delegation have signed on!
Join me in using the ACLU’s handy tool to send email requesting they co-sponsor the bill. Or call them, if you prefer. But let them hear from you!
Over the last few months, each week has brought us new information about how the NSA’s massive surveillance powers are out-of-control. Congress has the power to rein in this massive domestic surveillance program, and we just got the opportunity we were looking for: Representative Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Senator Leahy (D-VT) just introduced a good bill—the USA Freedom Act—that would go a long way to rolling back the government’s bulk collection program. The bill has a lot of momentum on Capitol Hill, but if it’s going to make past all the NSA-supporters in Congress, we need to get as many Senators and Representatives as possible to co-sponsor it. If enough of us push our members of Congress to support this bill, we can make sure that it doesn’t get watered-down before it comes up for a vote– because that’s a vote we think we can win. Thanks for taking action with me.

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