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Help us keep the debate honest and advance real solutions for Maine people!!!

Tonight Governor LePage gave his annual State of the State address. MECEP was on hand to keep the record straight. We live-tweeted and provided the media the facts they needed to accurately depict the state of Maine’s economy and the Governor’s record.


Here’s an example of what the Governor said:


“Almost 13,000 new private-sector jobs have been created since we took office…Because of our efforts, good-paying jobs are being created all over the state.”


Here are some facts that we shared with the media:
  • Maine ranks 50th among states in private sector job growth since January 2011. Adjusting for population growth, Maine ranks 37th. (MECEP analysis of  Bureau of Labor Statistics data)
Too many Maine people continue to struggle to find jobs and make ends meet. For many Maine families the Governor’s policies have made matters worse.


Facts matter, especially when it comes to talking about Maine’s economy and crafting solutions for a better future. If you share this belief, I hope you’ll contribute to MECEP today.


As the 2014 election season heats up, MECEP’s analysis will be more important than ever to keep the debate honest and focused on real solutions for growing Maine’s economy.  


About the Maine Center for Economic Policy

The Maine Center for Economic Policy advances public policies that help Maine people prosper in a strong, fair and sustainable economy. We advance this mission through high-quality research, analysis, citizen education, and coalition building. MECEP is an independent, nonpartisan organization.

To learn more about what we do, visit www.mecep.org.


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