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From: “William Whitney” <atwhit@roadrunner.com>

Free the Cuban Five Political Prisoners!
Discussion and film showing on the case of five Cuban men unjustly imprisoned in the United States.  Their only crime was to defend their country against terrorism
The event, sponsored by Centro Latino, begins at:
           7:00 PM, Friday, January 31, 2013
Where?  68 Washington Street, Portland, Maine
Tom Whitney of the Maine group Let Cuba Live will be on hand to talk about the case and answer questions. You’ll see the definitive documentary on the Five, Saul Landau’s film “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand up?”
The Cuban Five came to Florida in the 1990’s to monitor preparations by private paramilitary groups there to inflict murder, destruction, and terror on the Cuban people.  A worldwide solidarity movement has mobilized on their behalf. There are these issues: a biased trial, terribly long sentences, steps taken by the U. S. government to prejudice the community and sway their jury, and, not least, no harm done to US government interests. What’s really involved is more than half a century of a state of siege directed at undoing Cuban independence.
We’ll talk about what needs to be done to send these men home and restore them to their families. In Cuba they are heroes.
For more information, please call Tom Whitney at (207) 743-2183 or Lindsey Bourassa at (207) 749 8823. We’ll have refreshments

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