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Dirty Wars is being shown at the Frontier Theater in Brunswick


Dirty WarsFilm | Dirty Wars 


Tues July 23 | 2pm, 6pm, 8pm
Wed July 24 | 2pm, 6pm, 8pm
Thurs July 25 | 2pm, 6pm, 8pm
Fri July 26 | 2pm, 6pm, 8pm
Sun July 28 | 2pm, 6pm, 8pm
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Directed by Richard Rowley

Starring Jeremy Scahill

English with some English subtitles

1 hr 26 mins, rated NR


It’s the dirty little secret of the War on Terror: all bets are off, and almost anything goes. We have fundamentally changed the rules of the game and the rules of engagement. Today drone strikes, night raids, and U.S. government-condoned torture occur in corners across the globe, generating unprecedented civilian casualties. Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill (author of BLACKWATER: The Rise of the World’s Most Mercenary Army) traces the rise of the Joint Special Operations Command, the most secret fighting force in U.S. history, exposing operations carried out by men who do not exist on paper and will never appear before Congress. No target is off-limits for the JSOC “kill list,” even a U.S. citizen. Director Richard Rowley takes us on a chilling ride with whistle-blower Scahill. Dirty Wars is a battle cry for the soul and conscience of an America few of us know exists.

2013 Sundance Film Festival – Cinematography Award



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