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Date: June 17, 2013 8:56:40 PM EDT
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The film Iron Jawed Angels at Reversing Falls   Tuesday June 18th 6:30pm

This is the story of Alice Paul and the militant suffragists from 1913 – 1920.  This is a period of women’s history that is very little known.  Alice Paul organized the first national suffragist parade in DC in 1913. This event was a turning point in the suffrage movement because very little was happening at that time
Paul organized the suffragists to picket the White House in 1917. (They were the first social activist group to do that)  Because the women were embarrassing President Wilson with provocative banners, the police arrested and sentenced them . Alice Paul and a few others who went on a hunger strike were force fed milk and eggs through tubes down their throats.
It is an amazing story.

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