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From: Janell Kapoor <janell@ashevillage.org>

Janell Kapoor, Co-Producer
Whole Earth Summit

FREE & ONLINE: MARCH 11-13, 2014 [Sign up now]

By Janell Kapoor
March 4, 2014

EPIC EVENT ALERT [Free & Online]: 42 extraordinary visionaries,
including Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben, Charles Eisenstein, Joel
Salatin, the Chair of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, PLUS the
founders of the Small Planet Fund, Transition Town, Pachamama
Alliance, 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Bioneers, Living Building
Challenge, Kid’s Right to Know, Food Revolution, Women’s Earth &
Climate Caucus, Green For All, Majora Carter Group, Savory Institute,
Appropedia, City Repair, Global Women’s Water Initiative, Just Food,
Wise Women Tradition, Permaculture Activist, Ashevillage Institute and
others will share their work and insights around food, water,
ecological activism, regenerative design, social transformation and
practical models for creating a better world.

The Whole Earth Summit airs March 11-13. Registration is FREE and
available online at www.WholeEarthSummit.org. Participants will have
access to conversations with all 42 presenters–some of the world’s
leading change-makers who will be sharing their stories, strategies
and visions for a whole earth.

Co-producers, Janell Kapoor and Stacey Murphy, say that their goal is
“to inspire all of us in creating regenerative communities and a more
resilient world.”

Through the generosity of the presenters, their organizations and
partners, summit participants will have access to the Whole Earth
Toolkit — an extensive collection of online programs, videos, ebooks,
discounts and skill-building tools designed for people to strengthen
their practice of creating the world they want for themselves, future
generations, and for life on earth.

The instigators of the Whole Earth Summit bring 34 collective years of
hands-on social and environmental activism to this work. Janell
Kapoor, founder of Ashevillage Institute and Kleiwerks International,
has led on-the-ground natural building trainings for people from over
52 countries. Stacey Murphy, founder of BK Farmyards, inoculated
renegade farming tactics throughout the backyards of Brooklyn, New
York. The two have teamed up to launch this first-ever online global
summit through the Ashevillage Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit
organization that the two co-direct. “This is another way we can give
back to people and our earth, only at a larger scale,” they say.

Ashevillage Institute, based out of Asheville, NC, brings together
individuals in community for educational, hands-on, skill-building
programs that activate on-the-ground projects with the aim of
fostering a vibrant, just and resilient world.

Andrina Rossi, Communications Support Team
Email Info@WholeEarthSummit.org  |  Website www.WholeEarthSummit.org
Twitter www.twitter.com/Ashevillage  |  Facebook www.facebook.com/Ashevillage

Janell Kapoor, Co-Producer
Whole Earth Summit

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