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Any amount of contribution is helpful.

From: nancy hill wynne <nancyhill53@hotmail.com>


Hello friends….

Most of you know that my sibs and Mac and I founded a non-profit a couple of years ago in Guatemala.  Guatemala Housing Alliance has since built 9 homes alongside the recipient families and currently sponsors the education of 36 indigenous Tz’utujil Mayan students who live in extreme poverty.   

Today, Sept 1, we take a significant step forward to hooking up with Global Giving, a website which will host our projects online and allows people to donate through that portal.  Today we begin a month long ‘Challenge’ to prove ourselves capable of bringing in some bucks:  we need to earn at least $5000 from at least 40 donors in that time for Global Giving to represent us into the future. 
Our hope with this particular project is to build 100 cement floors for families currently living on parasitic dirt/mud .  We’ve laid a dozen in the last month and families are overjoyed.
Please take a moment to look at our site and donate if you feel moved to.  Time is crucial for us.  
And if you feel like sharing this with a friend…o boy, thanks.
Love love love……..


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