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Subject: Health Care vetoed
Date: April 9, 2014 at 5:57:22 PM EDT
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Maine People's Alliance
Today Governor LePage vetoed a bill that would expand access to life-saving health care for 70,000 people. Once again the Governor has chosen to stand against the will of the majority of Mainers and put politics above people.

Now only 13 Republican state Senators stand in the way of health care for thousands of Mainers.

They have to choose – do they stand with the majority of Mainers, or with Governor LePage?

Click here to send an email message asking these 13 Senators to stand with the majority of Mainers and override the Governor’s veto.

Hundreds of Mainers will lose access to critical medication, thousands will suffer needless medical debt and bankruptcy, and some people may even die if the legislature fails to accept the federal funds for health care.

Send an email message today and tell these lawmakers to support health care for thousands of Mainers.

This is a debate with real consequences; thousands of people’s lives are on the line. A minority of legislators shouldn’t be able to dictate who can and cannot get access to life-saving health care.

Thank you.

Jesse Graham
MPA Executive Director


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