Fwd: Justin Bieber and Iran

This bill is actually gaining support. Congress nears to hear from more of us. — JR

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Subject: Justin Bieber and Iran


January 18, 2014

Dear Judy,

Jon Stewart thinks it’s nuts for Congress to sabotage President Obama’s talks with Iran, calling Congress the Justin Bieber of our government!

Senate Bill 1881 calls for tightened sanctions on Iran and would blow up the successful nuclear talks– and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could bring it up for a vote in the Senate any time.  President Obama even called it a “march to war”! Tell Senator Reid to STOP THIS BILL!

President Obama has said he will veto this bill if it passes, but because of heavy pressure from the Israel lobby AIPAC, the Senate already has 59 cosponsors, and only needs 8 more votes before the bill can override a presidential veto.

We need YOU to take action: Sign this petition to Senator Reid now, and then take a minute to call his office at (202) 224-3542. Tell him not to undermine this golden chance for diplomacy, keep the Iran sanctions bill S.1881 off the floor!

For peace with Iran,
Alli, Cayman, Daria, Janet, Jodie, Kate, Lisa, Marina, Medea, Nancy K, Nancy M, Perrine, Sara, Sergei, and Tighe

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