Fwd: Lewiston is Burning

Please forward to others in your group or area. Thanks. Craig Saddlemire is a city councilor representing the downtown part of Lewiston.

Larry Dansinger

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Lewiston is Burning

Hi Friends,

As you may have heard, downtown Lewiston has experienced an unusual series of intense fires that have left up to 200 people homeless.  Like the downtown itself, the group of displaced people is quite diverse, and includes a large number of refugees who have already faced displacement at earlier points in their lives.  Many are currently living in the gym at the Lewiston High School until new housing can be found for them. Many people lost literally everything they had, and likely did not have renter’s insurance.
The safety conditions of housing downtown is something that we have been trying to sound the alarm on for quite some time.  It’s too bad we had to reach this point for others to realize the dangers. This is perhaps the most challenging single event I have seen downtown face in the past 10 years.
If you can afford a donation, it would be extremely helpful.  
Donation options are available here: http://www.volunteermaine.org/disaster/
Thank you,
Craig Saddlemire
On behalf of Ward 5, The Visible Community, and The Neighborhood Housing League

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