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The Caravanistas have all returned safely
and just in time to celebrate the 25th birthday of
Pastors for Peace on Aug 2

August second, twenty-five years ago, on a beautiful sunny afternoon along the Rio Escondido in central Nicaragua the tranquility was broken when US-supported contra forces brutally attacked a passenger ferry carrying 200 civilians. An IFCO study-delegation led by our founding director Rev. Lucius Walker and his daughter Gail was on that ferry in route to the capital city of Managua. That single event changed the lives of all of us at IFCO. Lucius was one of dozens wounded and in response announced the formation of our special Pastors for Peace project to offer an alternative foreign policy through the delivery of humanitarian aid to Latin America and the Caribbean.
Today, twenty-five years later IFCO continues to organize creative activities based in non-violent resistance under the banner of our Pastors for Peace project to galvanize direct hands-on solidarity with the victims of US foreign policy. We remain committed to our work to reflect the true spirit of the vast majority of people living in the United States who desire to live in harmony with our neighbors.

Rev. Lucius Walker, Jr., founder of IFCO as he was arrested during one of the early carvans.  During the second, he led a 23 day hunger strike in Laredo, TX.  And suceeded in bringing a little yellow school bus to Cuba.

A group of Caravanistas return late night on Aug 1 — after passing through US Customs at the airport.  Their empty suitcases formerly contained medical aid for the people of Santiago, Cuba. 

Fifty-four US caravanistas returned home through airports in 13 cities.  When they proudly said they had gone to Cuba without a license, some were stopped, questioned, their bags searched, and/or they were detained for a period of time.  Ultimately, everyone was released, sometimes after a lecture or a warning. Our response was the same as it has been for 25 years:
Love is our License.


Last Sunday’s church services at the Episcopal Church where Fr. Luis Barrios, IFCO Co-Director, preached.
We want to thank the Episcopal, Lutheran and Pentecostal church communities in Santiago for their warm welcome and gracious hosting. 


We’ll be sharing more photos and stories.  Check our website for the latest update!
(and, Caravanistas, if you have photos to add to the collection, send them to us!)


One of the Caravanistas swings a pick to dig a hole — beginning construction for new buildings to replace hurricane damaged Santiago.  We worked some, and made plans to be back later in the fall to help more. 
If you want information about the fall construction delegation, let us know.

Young people may not speak the same language, but music is universal.


Rev. Walker and his dauhter Gail — now IFCO’s Co-Director.

One of the dozens of school busses that Pastors for Peace has brought to Cuba during the past 25 years.  This one is serving a church in Santiago, Cuba — and for the past week, Caravanistas as well.


A visit to a Community Center in the neighborhood of Santa Grito. We visited a church-based community development project there.

How You Can Help!
Like us on Facebook at  Facebook.com/pastorsforpeace or follow us on Twitter @cubacaravan.  Facebook has more photos and up-to-the-minute news, and we’ll “tweet” you as things happen.

Donate to IFCO so we can continue to  help Santiago, and continue the Medical School Scholarship program.

Questions?  Comments?

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