Fwd: Maine bake sales attempt to raise $117, 000 (the next Citizens United)

Move over, Citizens United. Here comes McCutcheon… ——– Original Message ——– Subject: Maine bake sales attempt to raise $117,000 From: Caroline Ginsberg – Maine People’s Alliance <caroline@mainepeoplesalliance.org> Maine People’s Alliance MPA members will gather in Bangor and Thomaston tomorrow and hold bake sales to draw attention to the /McCutcheon vs. FEC/ case before the Supreme Court. The case is basically the next /Citizens United/ – if the Court sides with McCutcheon, it would strike down the total federal limit of how much one person can give to political campaigns ($117,000 in 2012) and possibly state limits like Maine’s as well. Please add your name to the petition we’ll be displaying at the bake sales tomorrow and show your support for ending the corrosive effects of big money on our democracy. https://www.mainepeoplesalliance.org/mccutcheon Of course we’re not going to be able to raise $117,000 at a bake sale, and that’s the point. These events are a reminder that the average Mainer doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on elections, unlike the 140 out-of-state McCutcheon-level donors who contributed to Maine campaigns last year. If the court rules against the limits, individuals will be able to give a virtually unlimited aggregate amount of money directly to campaigns, parties and PACs. Stand up for our democracy, say no to the next Citizen’s United. Thank you! *Caroline Ginsberg* MPA Mid-Coast Organizer caroline@mainepeoplesalliance.org _______________________________________________ HCCN mailing list HCCN@mainetalk.org https://mainetalk.org/mailman/listinfo/hccn_mainetalk.org

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