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From: “William Whitney” <atwhit@roadrunner.com>
Date: November 13, 2013 11:12:32 AM EST

Hello Maine People:  
Sign on to this letter to Senator Patrick Leahy. Reply to Judy and to me, please. Judy will fax it to Sen Leahy’s office once we have gathered signatures from both states. Get your friends to sign on or sign on for them.
Susanna Grannis
2267 Windham Hill Road
West Windham, Vermont, 05354
November 13, 2013
Senator Patrick Leahy
437 Russell Senate Bldg
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
Dear Senator Leahy,
We the undersigned, citizens of Vermont and Maine, are sending this letter in order to express our appreciation and support for your efforts and those of your associate Tim Rieser on behalf of the Cuban Five political prisoners. We are referring particularly to your work directed at remedying an abusive situation affecting prisoner Gerardo Hernandez and his wife Adriana Perez.  In a violation of internationally respected human rights, the U.S. government has prevented Perez from visiting her husband in prison. As you know, Hernandez was arrested on September 12, 1998 and is serving two life sentences.
One of us signing this letter, a member of the Maine Campaign to Free the Cuban Five and a former Vermonter, spent a day in early June lobbying U.S. senators to persuade President Obama to pardon the four Cuban Five prisoners remaining in jail. The international group of writers, jurists, and parliamentarians he had joined met with Mr. Rieser. The delegation thus became aware of efforts in your office to bring justice to the prisoners.  
The lobbying took place in conjunction with meetings, informational sessions, and rallies on behalf of the Cuban Five taking place over five days in Washington in late May and early June.
Not least among gratifying features of the session with Mr. Rieser was his communication of cautious optimism in regard to eventual freedom for the prisoners.  Additionally, Mr. Rieser’s command of facts and background concerning the case was readily apparent and much appreciated.
We thank you for your work toward fixing what we believe to be a monumental injustice.
Sincerely yours,


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