Fwd: Rufus Wanning

Rufus has been a kind and generous friend, a steadfast worker for peace and understanding, a brilliant thinker, a good man.

! Rufus Wanning presente !

Dear Peace and Justice group:
  I spoke with Rufus Wanning’s wife,  Margaret DeRivera, this afternoon. Rufus Wanning died on May 10 at home with family and friends gathered around.
  Margaret asked that I let you all know.
  There will be a memorial service for him in mid to late August, which will be announced.
  He will be missed by so many people in our area for many reasons.
  As we put out the flags on his property this year it will be especially poignant.
  Margaret said she would appreciate cookies. Her number is 469-8972. I am not sure about whether she wants visits.   
Best to all
Pam Person
Orland  ME

“Do justice, love kindness and mercy, walk humbly…”

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