Fwd: Sat June1 Rally for Bradley Manning Portland noon

From: Lisa Savage <lsavage3@gmail.com>

Sat June 1 

Congress Square Park, Portland

Rally to support whistleblower Bradley Manning 

as he faces what is sure to be a looong trial. Kind of like his pre-trial confinement which reached 1,000 days months ago. If Bradley Manning does not have due process then neither do we!

Speakers: Jon Gaither, ACLU of Maine public education coordinator

Karalee Oster, Occupy Maine (Portland)

Lisa Savage, CP Maine, will read the statement by Iraq Veterans Against the War on why Bradley Manning should not be blocked from being a Grand Marshall of the SF Pride Parade.

President Obama will make an appearance as a jailer.

Pride parade theme!  Join us in wearing rainbow wristbands a la Bradley Manning.

After party at the Meg Perry Center where we will view livestreaming rallies for Bradley Manning from other locations.

Link to files Manning shared via Wikileaks: Afghanistan War Logs

Bradley Manning Support Network where you can buy cool t-shirts and otherwise contribute to his defense fund.
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Lisa Savage CODEPINK State of Maine
Went 2 the Bridge blog

Bring Our War $$ Home

CODEPINK: Women for Peace

Twitter: @codepinkmaine

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