Fwd: Save SNAP, call Collins

From: Rick Traub <rickt406@gmail.com>

Senate Bill 594 (Farm Bill) is pending and included in the bill is language that would cut the  $80 billion SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program by $2.5 billion.  This government program provides most of the aid for people needing food assistance.  By comparison, the entire combined budget for for every food pantry and food bank in the country is only about $5 billion.

Angus King has signed a letter (attached), in which he pledges support of SNAP.  Susan Collins did not sign the letter.  Sen. Collins needs a call TODAY requesting that she support full SNAP funding.  Her number is 202.224.2523.

I learned that a congressman recently said that when he receives 6 calls on an issue he takes notice, looks into the question, and reevaluates, his reasoning being that for every 6 calls, there are 6,000 people who feel the same way but did not call.  This would be a good time to test the theory and get 100 calls into the senator.

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